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GC Results Fitness is a private fitness training center that offers a variety of services designed to provide one thing... results in your health and fitness goals. All programs are designed by a degreed exercise physiologist with more than a decade of experience working as a health and fitness professional.

Fitness training is available for individuals, small and large groups. Exercise prescription is based on the clients' needs, and incorporates unique and innovative methods. Open gym training time is available for clients.

Whether you are a beginner searching for an introductory exercise routine, a dedicated fitness enthusiast looking to increase your training loads, or an athlete hoping to increase sport performance, GC Results Fitness can help you with your goals.

Boot Camp

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One of the most challenging exercise classes you will ever find! This class is an intense one hour program designed to increase strength and endurance, and manage weight and body composition. Classes available for all fitness levels. Click here for an updated schedule.

Private Training


Private fitness training is available for individuals, as well as small and large groups. Training times are flexible. Pricing is competitive.

Youth Fitness

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We specialize in a variety of fitness training options for youths and teens. Whether you're looking to get a young person off the couch, or working to give a young athlete a competitive advantage through improved strength and conditioning, GC Results Fitness has you covered.

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